Monday, January 31, 2011

Mary Jane Love

Been known to mess with females on various occasions...
But my main bitch I LOVE comes in smokeable formation
Mary Jane coats my lungs but she cleanses my Soul
And she comes in a different variety, you can inhale or roll
The satisfaction that comes from every joint I pull
And WE DONT SMOKE BLUNTS cuz those things are some bull
And even though they claim it "kills you", it can't kill you like your OWN thoughts
Theres different ways to smoke it, theres different ways to cop
When it comes down to it, i don't think i will EVER stop
My love comes through every doob i roll and every tree i burn
I can't expect non smokers to know how it really feels to be high, you must learn
I can only try and make a visualization so you can see through my dry red eyes
Theres ALWAYS someone who doesnt approve of it tho...why?
But its NOT an addiction, its more like a paradise;
When youre high youre trapped in the clouds and you cant get out.. but you dont wanna leave.
So you call up your budman and tell em get me another Oz
So you can feel that high again.. & youre there again off That Good

I stay SkyHigh elevated like you know I should
People tend not to get deep in explaining their love for what keeps them rolling Planes
But i owe it to her, i'm Peter Parker in love with Mary Jane.


<3 tgod.

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