Friday, January 28, 2011


I'd just like to start by saying "Thank You Based God"
Last night, after I tweeted #NowPlaying "Dr.Phil", I got another BASED dm from B (@LILBTHEBASEDGOD) telling me to cook up another Master Chef video! With my other chef videos reaching almost 60,000 views on youtube, I think it is time to pull my spatula back out and get in the kitchen... WOO!
 My first official and most well known cooking video was to "Wonton Soup" which I made because of a similar dm from B. The day it came out, I made the video for it. I displayed "innovativeness" by cooking in a bikini so I kept at it. And I LOVED doing it! Everyone would always look at me like I was crazy when I started cooking but look at the world now! All of this was before his career really took off but I took too being BASED immediately because of how much i enjoyed his music and creativity. 
A week after I made Wonton Soup, Lil B had a show in my city, Baltimore! I was super syced and we arranged a master chef meet. I must say, the first time I spent time with him I was completely fascinated by everything about him. He was such a kind hearted, interesting, thought provoking, unique, and RARE individual. To this day I have never had a better conversation the first time I met someone. 
He really is a Genius.
After that day, he put my video on his website and my numbers sky rocketed! Although a lot of feedback was not positive, I just kept it BASED and sent them love instead of hate. The people who understood my cutlery LOVED it because I was one of the first females to broadcast my "COOKING". Since Wonton Soup, I have been to one other show and made three other cooking videos and continue to chef whenever someone pulls out their spatula. I can not explain how proud I am to see Lil B's recent success. Seeing him on MTV 's"First Date" last week was a "proud moment" for me. 

"Based music really is just doing what you feel, really letting the beats sink into you and letting the lyrics coat the beat," he explained. "It's really just about being yourself, though, and being positive. Doing what you want to do." -Lil B

The Legend continued THIS EVENING as I will be making another cooking video. My master chef  skills never left. A LOT of you know that... 


"Taking Over" Lil B's first Book

Check out the legend which you can also fine to you LEFT in the sidebar

"Wonton Soup"
"MTV First Date"
"Pretty Boy"

Wiz Khalifa Cooks during his Rock The Bells show in Maryland! Peep me on stage cooking behind him. 

In conclusion, stay BASED

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OFFICIAL website


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